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Wardley Mapping Templates

Sometimes, you have no choice, you have to use PowerPoint to prepare a killer presentation with Wardley Maps.

And there is nothing more irritating than creating yet another Evolution axis.

But there is a solution - a predefined minimal template that will keep everyone focused on your story. It is based on Mike Haber's wonderful design.

Template v1.2.png

So here is this template, in different formats:


A classic power point file to be used in presentations.

High Res PDF

A pdf that can be easily printed in a large format.

Useful when it comes to face to face sessions.

Image - png

A png file is super useful during remote mapping sessions.

It prevents people for accidently messing with your canvas.

Click to download.

Online Wardley Maps 

It looks like you can achieve fancier X-Axis descriptions by adding this line to your map:

evolution 🧪 Genesis  -> ⚒️ Custom ->  🛒 Product ->  ⛽ Commodity

The map that you will then download will look like this (note the cool icons):

Untitled Map (4).png
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