The book

Simon Wardley's book can be in different versions and formats 

On Medium

This is the original source of knowledge about Wardley Mapping in the community.

It comes with all the pros and cons of the Medium portal. Each post covers one book chapter, and you get the possibility to listen to the book and access quotes other readers highlighted.


On Amazon

This book has the same content as Simon's version, except it has been proofread and comes through Amazon, which means you can choose from different formats:

  • kindle

  • paperback

  • hardcopy



This version of the book is stored in the Obsidian format and contains:

  • Simon's original content, 

  • clarification that Simon published later on Twitter and 

  • an index of concepts linking to relevant parts of the book.

The book is heavily linked and allows for jumping between different concepts and sections.


In Spanish ☀️

This is a book translated by Joaquin Pena Fernandez available as a set of webpages to read.