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Forget inefficient communication!

When communication is no longer an issue, you can focus on more important things!

Send the message in no time!

Mapping puts an unprecedented-but-invisible structure on your conversations.

You will need less* time to explain your thinking.

Even complex ideas are easy to convey over a coffee.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Your boss will love it. So will your customers!

Nothing shows your attitude better than a map expressing both the merit of your knowledge and the amount of preparation you have put in.

At the same time.


src: @map_camp

Communicate complexity

Sometimes, simplicity is not acceptable... upfront!

You need to show that you have thought of everything first.

Maps will help you express the complexity and justify the simple solution.

One technique, many applications

  • Building rapport with your boss & colleagues - to show what you know and how you think

  • Building rapport with your customers - to demonstrate the effort and let them understand your motives

  • Supporting strategic conversations - to put everyone on the same page

  • Managing projects - to remove uncertainty and learn in a structured way

  • In consulting - to identify your customer assumptions and challenge them as needed

  • In every situation where  premature simplifications or unconscious assumptions may have unacceptable consequences

And it is free! Seriously!

Simon offers mapping as a gift to the world, licenced under CC-BY-SA.

Don't wait. Start the adventure with mapping right now.

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