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Communicate 40x faster!

Gain clarity of speech.

Standardize your vocabulary.

Standards make life easy

Image by Mitchell Luo

Can you imagine how much time you save by not having to design specific plugs for each house?


or not having to learn new traffic rules in every city?

"I can replace ten days of consultant work with a two-hour long meeting!"

-  Holger G.

This is what you can achieve through using standardized vocabulary and notation.

Four standard names make a difference.

That's all that you need to:

  • pitch your idea to your impatient boss or customer

  • build a shared understanding so that the entire team works as one

  • focus on meaningful conversations without spending time arguing about insignificant details.

Efficient communication enables meaningful conversations!

People realising efficient communication enables meaningful conversations.

This is what you should expect.

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