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What is Wardley Mapping?

As a CEO of the startup Fotango, Simon Wardley needed to define a strategy, but none of the existing approaches led to satisfying results.

Determined to go beyond mediocrity, he developed a framework designed to enhance his situational awareness and improve decision-making.

This framework, now known as Wardley Mapping, has organically gained widespread popularity.

Today, leaders across various industries use Wardley Mapping to build strategies and outsmart competition.

Hidden in Plain Sight:
Graphical Notation

Ever helped someone with direction, only to later worry you might have misdirected them?

This common scenario perfectly mirrors the challenges of decision-making.

Despite lengthy discussions, it's often unclear if everyone shares the same understanding of the situation.

Maps ensure everyone sees the same picture.


Which approach do you prefer: relying on detailed maps or trusting your memory?

Benefits go beyond  communication

How to Benefit from Wardley Mapping?

Learn it. Embark on a journey to professional excellence with our online course, crafted for consultants. It's designed to equip you with the foundational knowledge necessary to use maps in a professional setting and begin delivering impactful results.

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