Wardley Mapping will bring you clarity.

Clarity enables actions.

Strategy is a by-product.

You need more clarity if

You are running in circles.

You spend an enormous amount of time analysing a situation, eventually getting to square one.

Instead of making an informed decision, you have to bet, usually with poor results.

And if you are responsible for more than just you... they will have to face the consequences of your decisions.

Are you OK with that?

You fail frequently.

Every controlled failure is a learning opportunity.

But every uncontrolled failure weakens your position and gives you very little in return.

Clarity will help you learn on purpose.

You have no achievements.

Having no results may be OK if you have started something new.


But if you consistently put the effort in and get no results, you might be misallocating your energy.

Wouldn't it be good to clearly spot opportunities as they arise?



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