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You are a strategist... but are you a conscious one?

You are a strategist but are a conscious one?

You already have a set of mental models that you can apply to a familiar situation.

You already have behaviours codified as values that guide you through times of high uncertainty.

Those things are the foundation of your strategy, and if you got a lucky initial hand, you can get really far relying only on gut feel.

But there is the other side.

Are you confident about the choice of your values and models?


Can you recognise the moment your mindset stops working and needs to be updated?

Wardley Mapping brings 70+ context-specific models,  40+ guiding values and an efficient method of communication, but those things are not important.

Wardley Mapping adds the conscious link between the situation, model, and values so that you no longer hope but know they are a match. That is the reason to learn Wardley Maps, to know you do the right thing.

So, how confident are you that your existing set of mental models works for you?

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