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How can I register as a Wardley Mapping Coach?


  • facilitating at least one Wardley Mapping session in the past

If you do not have that experience, do not worry, you can always apply after you gain the necessary experience. Start by using doctrine to help your team.

What do I have to do, then?

  1. Send a twitter DM to Chris with the following details.

    • name line: Chris Daniel

    • location line: Poznan, Poland

    • language line: Polish, English

    • tags line (essentially - services, geo coverage, remote work): remote, Mapping Introduction, Executive Coaching

    • url to your webpage:

    • url to your contact (a social handle):

  2. Chris will schedule a call with you.

  3. Tell Chris how your Wardley Mapping adventure had started and what have you managed to achieve with your workshops. There is no right and wrong here.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's free.

Q: Why is it free?

A: Because Chris wants to build the community of coaches.

Q: What will I get?

A: Association with Wardley Mapping + a contact to Chris.

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