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Navigating Organizational History: Lessons from TechDebt Research

🔍 Insights for CTOs and CIOs

While diving into TechDebt, we stumbled upon a fascinating trend: many organizations still echo practices from 30 years ago. Surprisingly, the last major disruption in their operational mindset was the advent of email and mainframes. We even encountered entities with over a century of tradition in their methodologies.

But why does this matter? The value in these age-old practices lies not in their impact but in the stability and familiarity they offer. This adherence to tradition has withstood major revolutions like the telephone, email, and the digital era, yet the processes remain unchanged.

🔑 Key Takeaway: Organizations learn and remember through their processes. These procedures represent a collective wisdom, independent of individual members. Following these processes often yields expected results, but the real challenge arises when these methods begin to fail. Without understanding their origins and intended contexts, modifying them poses significant risks.

🤔 The Comfort of the Known: Many organizations choose to preserve these longstanding processes. They also craft narratives justifying their uniqueness and the premium value of their services - narratives intricately woven around their extensive histories.

Join Our Sourcing Workshop: Learn how to navigate and rejuvenate these age-old processes while minimizing risk. Even if you don't attend, remember: understanding the 'why' behind your organization's practices is crucial in today's ever-evolving tech landscape.


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