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Elevate the discussion!

With Wardley Mapping, communication is no longer an issue; you can focus on conquering the world.

Send the message in no time!

One map explained in 20 minutes can replace hours of debates.

Or a 60 slides-long deck.

Or lead to a resolution of 2-year-old decision paralysis.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Your boss will love it. So will your customers!

A map tells them that you did your job and that you are prepared. It shows effort and depth. It builds trust.

They will focus on the message.


src: @map_camp

Your situation may be complex.

Your map will represent that.

And it will help you guide the conversation and address the doubts.

To get you the buy-in.

One technique, many applications

  • Building rapport with your boss & colleagues - they see what you know and how you think

  • Building rapport with your customers - they see the effort and understand your motives

  • Supporting strategic conversations - everyone knows where are risks

  • Project management - remove uncertainty first

  • Consulting - so you and your customer think in the same way

  • Every situation where you need to communicate complex situation

And it is free! Seriously!

Simon offers mapping as a gift to the world, licenced under CC-BY-SA.

Don't wait. Start the adventure with mapping right now.

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