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An image is worth thousands of words!

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With Wardley Mapping, you can prepare visuals that will:

  • guide the discussion

  • build trust & relationship

  • let you identify your blind spots...

... which may bring unexpected results

When you communicate that efficiently, you will discover false assumptions quickly.

Your customers will point them out.

It takes learning to an unprecedented level.


src: @map_camp

Finally, you can talk about complex things.

You will create a highly structured story that captivates the audience.

It does not require endless rehearsals and it leaves long-term impressions.

One technique that will make your expertise shine!

  • Building rapport with your boss & colleagues - to show what you know and how you think

  • Building rapport with your customers - to demonstrate the effort and let them understand your motives

  • Supporting strategic conversations - to put everyone on the same page

  • Managing projects - to remove uncertainty and learn in a structured way

  • In consulting - to identify your customer assumptions and challenge them as needed

  • In every situation where  premature simplifications or unconscious assumptions may have unacceptable consequences

And it is Creative Commons!

Simon Wardley offers mapping as a gift to the world, licenced under CC-BY-SA.

Don't wait. Start the adventure with mapping right now.

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